Weight Loss Acupuncture

Weight Loss Acupuncture


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It is estimated that 36% of the American adult population and 17.6% of American children and teens are considered overweight or obese. Many overweight  individuals are struggling to lose excess pounds – over $33 billion are spent annually on weight loss programs and products. 95% of those participating ultimately fail in their attempt to keep the extra weight off. Weight Loss Acupuncture can reduce this statistic.


Studies show that when conventional weight loss regimens are supported by acupuncture, actual weight loss is greater, more easily attained and maintained over longer periods of time. Generally, 6-10 acupuncture sessions are effective, followed by quarterly booster sessions for maintenance.

How does it work?
Chinese Medicine holds that weight gain is caused by an imbalance in the digestive system, specifically the stomach, liver, and pancreas. Skilled practitioners will focus on these organ systems, as well as your endocrine function, your spleen and kidneys. This will aid in reducing water retention, balancing premenstrual/menopausal hormones, and stabilize blood glucose and blood lipid levels (cholesterol).


Your initial evaluation includes setting realistic weight loss goals, exploring dieting history, identify food allergens, establishing supportive life style patterns like exercise and stress management, and a first Weight Loss Acupuncture treatment.



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All Weight Loss Acupuncture sessions involve insertion of fine needles along the meridians of the above mentioned organ systems. Bringing these organ systems back into balance boosts the metabolism, reduces sugar/fat cravings, eliminates puffiness/edema, and stops emotional overeating. In addition, clients find that their mood lifts, energy increases, and digestive function becomes smooth and regular. Ear acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and herbal supplements may be added, on an as-need basis.


Weight Loss Acupuncture must be administered by a qualified Chinese medical practitioner. For maximum results, Weight Loss Acupuncture should be combined with a reduced-calorie diet (1500 cal/day) and appropriate exercise. Should you wish to loose in excess of 20 lbs, monitoring by your physician may be required.






"With compassion, knowledge and support, Brigitte has helped me to move past the old idea of "middle age weight gain".  Using acupuncture and a simple clear plan, my weight is shifting and my digestion improving.  Best of all I have the tools and understanding to create balance and self care for a lifetime."  Thank you Brigitte!
~Kristin G.